Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The correct answer: 1
A horse took me on a wild ride over uneven terrain and huge piles of brush.
It was a very long time ago. Friends of ours had a beautiful white mare. She had a lot of spirit despite being up there in years. We were outside, clearing some brush on our property. They'd ridden over to check out our progress and say hello. Now I'd ridden this horse many times before and was comfortable with her. Apparently, she felt like trying to freak me out because she took off like a rocket. It was all I could to do hold on. Honestly. I loved it.
The other two were complete and total lies. Nothing similar has even remotely happened to me.
So. Anyway. I know. Lame.
I already told you about my week. No, it hasn't gotten any better, but we are on the downward slide now. New Ghosthunters is on tonight and that makes me happy. AND one more week until new Supernatural.
That's all I have for now.


Jo said...

What did I win? What did I win? lol

love you!!!

sailorcross said...

So Jo was right!! What was the horse's name really?? I think you're still telling lies here.

I remember about how you told me when you were in Las Vegas rolling for the big bucks and someone mistook you for Paris Hilton!! That's because you had dyed your hair blond and were always carrying around a chihuahua in your purse!

Jo--you won a great big hug from the whole clan!! That's the best prize ever anyway!!


Victoria said...

You know you didn't win anything but pure satisfaction, Jo! LOL

The horses name was Martini, and she was so real!

Beth, you're cracking me up!

Why does no one ever believe me?

Jo said...

The sweet taste of satisfaction...yummy! I'll be collecting on that I once was mistaken for a man. HA!

Victoria said...

I was with you - twice - when you were mistaken for a man! Bwah ha ha!!!