Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday Stuff

The illness train has decided to make a temporary layover at our home. We're 3 for 6 at the moment, which is the biggest sickness level we've had here in recent months. The train could definitely pull out anytime now. Thank you.
I miss Supernatural!
We still almost 3 weeks to wait for a new episode. I'm dying. Sure, I can watch seasons 1 and 2 on dvd, but it's not the same as new SamandDean. I don't often get the opportunity to put the dvd's in and just watch - not like Thursday nights when my family knows to not try to talk to me, make noise, or attempt to "just see what else is on". !!Don't touch it!! Yeah, maybe I'm a bit of a freak about it, but honestly there's a lot of inspiration for me there - besides hotness and sexyashell tattoos. I won't go into it anymore, because unless you're a fan it's hard to explain.
Short story progress is being made. I'm really enjoying writing this, though there's not as much blood as I originally thought there'd be. We're still early in the story, so that might change. So far we've got a creepy death, a missing demon, and a whole lot of awareness between the hero and heroine. And a brother! A brother who hopefully will have his own story.
Our annual writing retreat is coming up fast. I have a lot to clear out before then, and a lot to do as well since I'm the retreat chairperson this year. I plan to start a new story at the retreat, but I have two major projects to check off before then. The nice thing is the story's already mostly plotted and once I get through these loose ends I'll be able to set my brain to work on it while doing my retreat chair duties. I hope.
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