Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bits and Stuff

Tale #4 is up. Finally. Go read Misty's version of Squishy hugs. Obviously she's been procrastinating about blogging.
I do have a picture of my cat trying to take over my computer to show you, but unfortunately my camera batteries died so you'll have to wait.
There's a new episode of Ghosthunter's tonight. I won't be missing it. You shouldn't either. Then, tomorrow night we at least get a rerun of Supernatural. 3 more weeks until new stuff. I can't wait. But, I'm glad to get the rerun. It's better than nothing. I just found out that Jensen Ackles (a.k.a Dean Winchester) recorded "Crazy Love" with Jason Manns. If you go over to the myspace (mine), I have it as my new profile song. From there, you should go check out Jason Manns. He's a very talented musician and I dig his music.
The theme music for my short has been mostly Three Days Grace and Skillet, but then I heard Crazy Love and the softer side of my hero opened up for me. Which is good because otherwise he was a hardass, wisecracking, tough guy with not many human qualities, which is a laugh since he's an immortal. I don't expect you to understand how that works for me. Just nod your head and smile like you usually do when I say something off the wall. Seriously. I'm used to it. And you should be used to it as well.

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