Thursday, April 24, 2008

Now I'm Frightened...

Well, because so far today has been pretty darned cool.
It's absolutely gorgeous out!
I'm moving faster on my edits than I expected, which is so awesome I can't describe - except the big work starts soon (like in a few hours) and that's sure to be a pain in my butt.
Today was retreat shopping day. Cool all by itself, but it started off on a sad note when one of the posse couldn't make it. We trudged on though and ended up finished with the whole she-bang - shopping, organizing, decorating, and stuffing the welcome bags. Love those clearance racks! I planned a super secret surprise for this year and I'm so totally thrilled with how it turned out I can't even tell you! And we had an awesome lunch at a 50's style place. Now I have piles of stuff in my dining room just waiting until the retreat. Three seems like such a long time.
And new Supernatural tonight! What a fantastic topper to the day!
Okay, so back to why I'm frightened...
I usually don't get a day that's all totally awesome. Most of the time something hugely terrible happens, or a bunch of little terrible stuff. So I'm kind of looking over my shoulder for the tornado to descend on me.
Let's hope this once it doesn't. But I'm not holding my breath.

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