Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Have This Cat...

Yeah. That one.
See how possessive he looks in regards to my laptop?
Every single time I'm sitting with the laptop on my lap, he's there. Every. Time. It's like he has laptop sense or something. Currently, he's pressed up against me so tight his tail is in my face and his body is stretching the power cord. Either he believes my computer is his, or he hates when I'm on it. I can't decide which.
Right before I took this picture his paw was resting on the computer. Of course, he moved just as the picture was taken, but you can see a fraction of what I'm dealing with. He rests on my wrists when I'm trying to type, or just gets on top of me so I can't even see the screen. It's maddening and adorable at the same time.
And speaking of adorable...I'm watching Supernatural (it's a rerun - but still super sweet), while hooked up to the Internet in my room. Which is more than adorable. It's so totally awesome I'm giddy. And speaking of giddy...I finished my short story today. Still needs edits, but it's complete. Whoot!
And tomorrow is Friday!

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