Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Birthday Wishes

These few weeks are intense with birthdays around here. Between the middle of October and the end of November, we have 18 birthdays to celebrate. Just from November 1 to November 9, we have 5.
Today is my friend Jo's birthday. Click on the link to go to her my space page and listen to some of her music. She's a very gifted musician. You'll be glad you did. Jo and I have been friends for a very, very long time. She's one of those people who are always there for you no matter what - kind of like gum on your shoe, or that zit that just won't go away. Ha!! Just kidding. If you've read The Shape of Love, you'll see her name in the dedication section because she's one of the people who pushed me until I did something to make writing more than a distant dream. She's also incredibly fun to be around. Take this picture, for example, we'd been having a silent battle of wills with the aged at our last camp out, and this celebratory fist pump was because we won the contest of who could stay up later. Ha! So, before I get mushy and stuff, let me just say...Happy Birthday, Jo! (see? not quite what you expected to see here when I told you to make sure you checked out the blog today!)
There you have it!

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