Sunday, November 23, 2008

We Are Not Getting a Puppy!

We're not! I mean it!
But if we would be between these two pretty girls. I'm sorta partial to the one in the front - the gray, tan, and black spotted one.
They're about 3 weeks old. Their eyes just opened and they make the cutest little grunting noise. There are 9 in the litter. I can't remember how many of each.
The kids and B are in love. They want. A lot.
Oh. What kind of puppies? Great Dane.
As if we're not already insane enough around here with our Newfoundland/Border Collie mix. Two huge dogs?
No one is listening to me...
I think I'm doomed!


sailorcross said...

I'll make a bet with you!! In about 5-6 weeks time, one of these little ones (that will grow into a great big one!) will be living at your house!! Let's see what can I offer as a bet? You decide and let me know--okay?

I agree--I think you're doomed!!


Ava Quinn said...

Be strong! Harden your heart! Check my latest entry and you'll understand my sentiments. Good luck with this one!

Victoria said...

We'll see, Beth. We'll see...

Victoria said...

I read it, and I understand your pain! Ugh! Hang in there!