Friday, December 05, 2008

Feel Good Friday

One sad and depressing note before I get to the good stuff...
The one kitchen appliance I rely on the most - not as much as the refrigerator, but more than the coffee pot - has died. Let's all bow our heads in reverence to my crock pot. I loved my crock pot, even without the handles, even with the stainless steel scratched and stained. Now it's gone, and I have no idea what I'm going to do without it.
Seriously. I don't.
Okay. The good list:
1. Supernatural viewings that go very late and make me tired and cranky the next morning, but are so worth it for so many other reasons.
2. The way my family rearranged their schedules so I could have some time off.
3. It's Friday.
4. New pages.
5. Brainstorms that fix the old pages.
6. New laptop power cords.
7. The coming weekend.
8. Eggnog creamer for my coffee.
It's a short list for a long week, but that doesn't mean the week was bad. Just even. I guess.
Enjoy the weekend!


Vicky B said...


Funny thing is, I used to use mine a lot, but rarely even get it out of the cabinet any more. My d-i-l loves hers.

Might have something to do with family size and time.

Jo said...

I loved that crock pot. I will miss it terribly. It was a beautiful appliance, not so much on the outside, but on the inside. RIP my dear, dear friend. I know in my heart it went to that great appliance store in heaven.

Victoria said...

Maybe. But I do love...or mine. I used it for so many things.

Victoria said...

LOL, Jo!
I will miss it terribly, too. Yes, ugly on the outside, but capable of such great things.
I'm sad...

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Despite the mourning, there are a great many wonderful things on this list!

Ava Quinn said...

I agree whole heartedly with number 1!

Yay new pages and brainstorms! Send some of that sh*t my way!

Glad there were good things in your week!

setscur - when wild dogs set up headquarters in your basement and plot to overthrow the aquarium fish and their plans of world domination.

Victoria said...

Yes, there is, Nat!
Sometimes I have to force myself to make this list, but I'm always glad I do!
:) V.

Victoria said...

LOL, M3!!

I'll try to send some your way! You have to make sure you grab it with both hands though, because that muse crap is wiggly these days. It keeps getting away from me!

LOL on the word verification!!
:) V.