Monday, December 08, 2008

Moaning Monday

Okay, where do I start.
1. Dealing with a fidgety, coughing child during K3's band/chorus concert. (the concert was excellent though)
2. K3 totally ripping out two pairs of pants in the past two days. One was a pair of jeans. The other...his dress pants for tonight's concert. This happened about an hour before we had to leave. I was going to sew. (stop laughing, I can do it) But luckily, I found him a pair of black pants that fit.
3. Reading my horoscope and feeling this buzz of hope that I know will die a slow and painful death before the end of the year.
4. Why is it so cold?
5. Still mourning the death of my crock pot.
6. Thinking I had groceries planned out until Wednesday and realizing I have to make a trip to the grocery store tomorrow despite my efforts. I don't want to.
7. This crap that's taken up residence in my sinuses. Ugh. I have the best deep, husky voice right now though. Except my throat hurts from the drainage and the cough. K4 has it too.
8. Realizing just how little time there is before Christmas, and how little I have done.
9. The dog getting into the trash and eating chicken wrappers. Ugh! And spreading garbage all over the kitchen floor.
10. Hitting the "publish post" button, only to get an error page. Luckily, I didn't have to start over, but I lost a few things!
I think that's enough for one day!


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Horrible Monday!

Let's skip it next week.

WV: scoans = scuba diving with your lower half naked.

Victoria said...

Sounds like a plan to me! But then, wouldn't Tuesday be Monday? And wouldn't the risk of having a Monday Tuesday be the same?

LOL on the wv. I'm not scuba diving like that!
:) V.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

That's too logical!

Us skipping Monday just means we won't have Monday. Everyone else will, so Tuesday will still be Tuesday. K?

And me, neither. :)

tuncl = the condition of having phlegm caught in the back of your throat, against your tongue

Victoria said...

Sounds like a plan to me!

eww and lol on the wv.

V. :)