Friday, December 26, 2008

Feel Good Friday

The post-Christmas edition.
1. That the lovely stomach virus I was gifted with on Christmas Eve didn't quite spoil everything for me the past 2 days. It totally ruined Christmas Eve, but not Christmas Day/K4's Birthday. Though, it's still not quite gone yet and B's starting to feel the same way I did Wednesday. Joy.
2. My baby girl and her birthday.
3. The excitement from all the K's even though they knew Christmas was going to be slim this year, and the fact that none of them expressed any type of disappointment in their gifts.
4. Family and friends.
5. Getting to talk to my uncle and cousin from California.
6. The birthday cake coming out pretty darned good even though I was just winging it.
7. Warm socks.
8. Our funny dog and how much she loves opening presents.
9. The food - though I got to eat none of it.
10. Tacos for Christmas dinner. (again, I tried. I really wanted to, but my stomach reminded me I shouldn't)
11. Weekend plans.
12. The fact that the decision on the puppy will be made soon and either way, I can stop worrying about it. Though if it's a yes, oh geeze, let's not go there right now.
13. Sleeping in this morning.
14. Supernatural being on last night - and it being the Christmas episode from last year, and B staying up to watch it with me. I miss the boys so much and we still have 3 weeks until new episodes!
Okay, I think that's enough. Yes, I'm glad it's over, but the day turned out a lot better than I thought it would even with the sickness. The tree needs to go soon - the needles are raining down at an alarming rate. We won't be doing any New Year's gathering this year since we have to help the Boy Scouts with our town's "drop" event this year. That's pretty sad, but maybe only to me since everyone else seems to have fun alternate plans. Not that we won't have fun, but we won't be with the gang.
I think that's enough for now...

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