Monday, December 01, 2008

Moaning Monday

Here we go...
1. 2 straight days of rain that should be snow!
2. It's Monday...'nuff said.
3. Under the weather children.
4. A very, very long day.
5. Smaller humans who don't seem to remember that they have to pick up after themselves.
6. The incredibly long wait time from order date to ship date on a stinking power cord.
7. A broken power cord that makes me afraid to change locations with the laptop.
8. Having no idea what to do for Tall Tale Tuesday.
9. Supernatural hiatus. :(
10. Too much on the calendar.
That's all...sort of...but enough...


Vicky B said...

In other words, life as normal. :)

May the rest of the week go better.


Ava Quinn said...

Heavy. Hopefully tomorrow
is lighter!

rookfibs - lying, stinking, cheating castles that influence mild mannered aquarium fish with devious thought of world domination.

Victoria said...

You're right, Vicky. Life as normal around here! :)

Victoria said...

One can only hope, M3!

LOL on the word verification! Love it! :)