Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Yeah, 1 was right.
1. We'd already finished out the school year in Iowa, but they made us go for the last 2 weeks of school here. It was that, or repeat the year we'd finished. I don't know why, exactly. It was insanely unfair and none of us were happy about it. In my my mind, it was because they thought we must be stupid hicks because we came from a really small town and weren't in any way up to the educational standards of kids here. They were wrong. I remember being so bored. So bored. I also remember being a goof-off storyteller. I don't think one person in my class knew if I was telling the truth. (not so much different than now, huh?)
2. Yeah, we did move a lot, but it was more like 7 times, and only 5 states - or something like that.
3. I'm not sure if my dad ever rode a bull, but he wasn't a professional bull rider. He met my mom when my mom's cousin (I think - I used to think it was her brother, but I'm pretty sure that story is false) brought him home from the Navy on leave. Guess I'll have to find out if Dad has any bull riding in his past.
Yeah, it was a lame one. I'm already working on next weeks, but I can't guarantee it'll be fantastic or anything. I'm still pretty much drawing blanks or dark, demented tales of murder and mayhem.
Oh my...Out of the mouths of babes. K4 and B were having a political discussion about gas prices and all kinds of things. B was trying to explain political concepts to her in easy to understand language. She came out with something about the president (don't know if it's present or future) handing out condoms to kids. When B asked her if she knew what a condom was, she said..."a small house attached to other houses".
There's your chuckle for today.

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