Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Okay, here are the answers:
1. In the movie Babe, what gift do Farmer Hoggett and his wife get from their son for Christmas?
a. A box of chocolates.
b. A turkey.
c. A fax machine. (I didn't know this either, but all the K's did.)
2. What does Scrooge keep in his coalbox?
a. Money
b. Cheese
c. Coal (I thought it was money.)
3. What rock 'n' roll star, born Rich Pennimann, was born Christmas Day, 1935?
a. Little Richard (If it wasn't for the answer on the back of the card, I wouldn't have known either.)
b. Fats Domino
c. Mick Jagger
4. What was the first name of Scrooge's deceased partner, Marley?
a. John
b. James
c. Jacob (Correct)
5. According to superstition, what do cattle do at midnight on Christmas Eve?
a. Moo
b. Talk (I don't know who's superstition. I've never heard of it!)
c. Drink a shot of whiskey and howl at the moon.

Not bad, Nat. I would probably have only guessed right for #4!
So there you have it. I might do this again next week Depending.

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