Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Only one guess this week, and it just so happens it was the right answer!
3. The seat of my brother-in-law's Harley.
It's more of a gray seat - not as light-colored as it appears in the picture.

Tomorrow I might post a picture of my awesomely cool birthday present. Yeah, yesterday was my birthday. As far as birthdays go, it was a pretty good one. B went into work late so I could sleep in, and he came home early to take care of the after school stuff and dinner.

What else? Not much. It's been a weird week. And it's only Wednesday. Huh.

Also...more Easter pictures then...I think my brother has one of our woodland Easter Bunny.

That's all...


Ava Quinn said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! Hope it was good!

Victoria said...

Thanks, M3! It was a good far as birthdays go! lol