Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Things I do...

Took the dog for a bath and trim today. My groomer is my brother-in-law's sister and she lives about a quarter of a mile away from my sister, which means, she lives at the meadow.
I dropped the dog off and took a walk. To the meadow. The walk there was easy...downhill. A ton of rain has made our summer haven a swamp. I trekked my way through, enjoying the peace and quiet and being all by myself. (trying to think about my next project and wishing I had a heavier coat and trying to avoid the mud and standing water) Obviously, it's uphill going back. I made it without dying.
As I got to the top of the hill, I turned off onto the cliff ledge. It's high. I'm not sure how high, but it pretty much drops off into absolute nothingness. Until, of course, you hit the rocks and water below. I stood there for a while, again enjoying the quiet and the view and tried not to let the wind push me off. (It's really, really windy here) As I stood there, I realized there was rushing water nearby. Not the creek, it's too far down to hear. So, I went in search of it. Through scrub pines, over rocks, carefully watching my step. I found the start of the waterfall, but wasn't satisfied with that, not when most of the noise was coming from below.
(This is where, if you know me, you'll be amazed at the fact that I actually listened to the little voice of safety.)
I wanted to see. (I still want to see!) I picked out a path, paying attention to the obstacles I'd face on my return trip. But every time I took a step, the voice of reason screamed I was making a mistake. I brushed it off and found another rock to step on, and the voice came back. (No, not a real voice. I'm not that crazy. Maybe I should call it the knowledge that I was about to make a big mistake.) Since we've had so much rain lately, the ground isn't exactly stable, especially around rocks and trees on a cliffside. I was slipping a lot. I realized I was about to be in a serious predicament. Alone. With only my cell phone and the signals not always there. No one was home at my sisters or her in laws. The groomer wouldn't hear me yell or call because she was busy with the noises of dog washing, trimming, and blow-drying.
So, I had to settle for this picture. Taken on my cell phone while holding onto a sapling and leaning out as far as I could. The falls are somewhere below that stick. If someone else would have been with me, I would have gone for sure.
I guess it's a crisis averted, but I still want to see that waterfall.
My dog is now clean and trimmed. I swear we could have knitted a king-sized comforter, pillow shams, and a couple of sweaters out of the dog hair left behind. No. I'm not kidding. When I stepped back into the shop it looked like the dog had exploded.
That's all I have for you right now!
New Supernatural tonight! I can't wait!


Susan Kelley said...

I'm glad you listened to that little voice and are still with us. Can't wait for tonight's SN. I need to have my dog shaved for the summer too. I'm glad I waited. It's been so durn cold.

Victoria said...

It's hard to tell what would have happened if I didn't listen! LOL
Didn't get the dog shaved yet. Too cold. She's part newfie, so you can imagine the hair I deal with around here. The shedding was getting out of hand!
21 minutes until new Supernatural! I can't wait!!