Thursday, April 30, 2009

Silly Thursday Stuff

This is my brother-in-law's band. He's the long-haired blond guitarist and the singer in this video. Enjoy it. I laughed my butt off. And you get a glimpse of the meadow, too.


Went shopping for the retreat today! Whoot! We're ready to rock and roll!! I'm so excited!! (and how many exclamation points can I use?!! Alot. Apparently.) This time in two weeks, we'll be there - writing our tails off and enjoying being with other writers!! I am so ready. The world building/plotting on the new book is going well, and I expect to start no later than the first day of the retreat, maybe sooner. Still trying to decide on a title, but that'll come when it comes.

New Supernatural tonight. Don't miss it. I won't.

That's all.



Jo said...

That was absolutey absurd! :o)

Victoria said...

I loved it!