Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together...

So, yesterday turned out fantastically!
Of course Dad wasn't surprised. He knows us a little too well. He was, however, surprised by the amount of people who showed up and by the fact that we had a very good friend of ours (who just happens to be a most excellent musician) play for the party (it was also his birthday).
We put 'burma shave' type signs along the lane. They said: Years ago - you had dark hair - now - it's white - and - you're in a rocking chair - happy bday. At first he didn't think it applied to him because his hair was never really dark and it's not really white now, but we thought it was hysterically funny anyway. The "over the hill" theme's really only done for a 40th birthday party in our family, and we tried to stay away from that with a few exceptions.
The food was fantastic. The music, too. The friends, the laughing - we had a blast. We were in bed a lot earlier than expected, and my sister's house was full with about 11 extras crashing. Today was clean up and sleep.
(oh and K2 is at the beach with a friend. She sent me a picture of her bloody foot yesterday - stepped on a barnacle in the water. No stitches, but it's ugly looking. They did go to the hospital. She's her mother's daughter for sure)
And today is really my dad's birthday. So, Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you!
Back to the real world now. Dang it.

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