Wednesday, September 02, 2009


1. A container of gummy worms found in K1's car. Estimated time of confinement: 1 year. YES!!! Gross, huh?

2. Something...I don't know what...found in K4's room during the recent cleaning effort. Cut up stuff, old jelly beans, pencils shavings...stuffed in a crystal container and stored under the bed. Nope. Though I found a lot - a whole lot - of weird stuff in her room. Nothing picture worthy though.

3. Bait. A combination of worms, corn, and (gross) pig stomach. Well, the remnants at least. This was what was left after a day of maniac fishing. Nope. B has never used pig stomach for fishing bait. And I'm not mentioning it, because he'll make me buy him one so he can try it.

That is all for today.

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