Thursday, September 24, 2009

Summer Survival Journal: The Lost Entry

The natives have nearly completed their first month of educational camp. It is by sheer will that I continue to survive. Why, if they are in the learning environment, do I feel as if I am not alone? Perhaps they have used my own technology against me and have re-routed the detection systems I placed on the food supply to watch me?
Though, truly I am not alone. The oldest native - the one no longer a teenager is most often here during the time the other natives are away learning. His biorhythm is defective and he is awake when everyone else has bedded down for the night, thus requiring the daytime hours for his own rest. I fear he has become a vampire. I have taken to wearing a wreath of garlic around my neck while I sleep. The beasts we keep watch me. Constantly. I tried to convince myself their behavior was due to missing the natives, but now I cannot help but wonder if they are plotting my demise.
Honestly, I fear aliens have abducted the formerly sweet natives and replaced them with the creatures that share our camp. Creatures with no remorse for strewing dirty dishes, socks, and various educational-type implements as far as the eye can see. I am still theorizing this. While it's highly possible, I have experienced this type of alien-like behavior in the past. Perhaps I am twisting normal?
The summer days have been replaced with days full of educational requirements, activities, and constant obligations. The possibility of ever sleeping past the breaking of dawn is a memory from the past. I mourn it. The realization of the approaching holidays fills me with absolute terror, while the natives look upon this with utter glee.
I fear I will no longer be able to keep this journal. I believe the natives, or the beasts, have discovered my attempts to contact the outside world, so I must use great caution in the future. While I am no longer in danger from the natives and have accepted my position in this society, I put nothing past the beasts. I must make them realize that if not for me, their food dishes would remain empty. I pray I can do this before its too late.

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