Thursday, May 06, 2010

Editing Diary

While my brain develops what to start at the retreat, I've begun edits on the story I just finished.
Here's how it's going:
1:57pm: Decide I have to do some editing.
Check email. Inbox is still empty. Open folder, click through several stories I haven't looked at in a while. Open short story. Consider it as a full length book. Add to brain pile. Finally open document to begin editing. Write note to fix something on page one. Again on page two. Pick extra paper off the side of my notebook. Check email. Note from B. Answer him. Ask a question. Back to wip. More notes. Stop to think. More notes. Get up to look out window because of the wind. Check email. Get answer from B. Ask something different. Quick social networking check. Nothing's changed since 1:56. Feed dog. Listen to see if the dryer is still running. Look at TV and wonder why it's still on, but do nothing to turn it off. Email again. Answer from B. Add his requests to grocery list. Think about dinner. Look at clock.
Decide to blog. Here I am.
So that's how I have only managed to get to page 10 in a half an hour.
Stay tuned.


Susan Kelley said...

Master level procrastination.

Ava Quinn said...

You should give a class. Master Level Procrastination - Stepping It Up A Notch.


Susan Kelley said...

Wouldn't that be 'Stepping it Down a Notch?'

Victoria said...

You guys crack me up! :)

Master Level Procrastination: Ditch Digging ???

I didn't get anything else done either! Bad, bad me!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

You know what? That's NOTHING. I do all that and get ONE page in half an hour! LOL Though my B is a J. :)

Victoria said...

Yeah, but I wasn't actually doing anything but taking notes!
I'm very attached to my opening, but I realized this morning that I'm going to have to let part of it go...*sad*