Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tall Tale Tuesday

The pre-camping edition.
So today the dog had a grooming appointment for her summer cut. It takes hours. So, I figured I'd check out the camper, grab our coolers, and hope like heck the camper didn't have mice.
Which of the following is the truth:
1. Upon opening the camper, a large rodent ran out between my legs. Bigger than a mouse. I screamed like a little girl and slammed the door. After gathering my wits, I armed myself with a metal pole and reopened the door. Nothing ran out, but the distinct odor of rodent urine and little fluffy bits of fabric filled our sweet summer haven. I am not happy. And I'm not sure if it was a squirrel or a rat. The extent of the damage is not yet known, but it looks like we'll be dragging our old trusty tent along this weekend, just in case the camper is now a rodent house. Joy.
2. Because I'm lazy, I drove the 'burban around my sister's yard to get to the camper. I had stuff to transfer and didn't want to have to walk too far. After taking care of my business, I pulled forward to turn around and made my first big mistake - mud. And a lot of it, too - like a swamp to my axles. Four wheel drive wasn't helping. She won't be happy with me for the damage to her yard. I was less happy with having to have her father-in-law pull my big ass out with the tractor.
3. After taking care of my business with the camper, I decided to be nice and give my sister's camper a looksee for small rodents. Unbelievably, we somehow managed to get through another year parked next to their camper without a single dropping in ours, and I really wanted to tell her theirs was all clear as well. We have the same key for our campers, so I unlocked their door. And promptly broke the only key we know the whereabouts to off in their lock. I managed to get the door closed and locked, but now we have a stub for a key. Oh, and they still have mice.
So which one is the truth?


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

You're too good with these, they all sound like you.

EXCEPT the screaming. I think you'd be all "son of a BITCH" instead. So I'm not going to pick that one.

The mud had to be annoying, but it's done. The key, however, is going to be an ongoing problem, and that fits, so I'll pick that one.

Victoria said...

Very good skills! Plus, you know, you'd know if it was anything huge without having to read it here! lol