Thursday, May 13, 2010

Retreat! Day One!

Up very early this morning to finish getting ready and to take care of the bake sale items for the fundraising car wash this weekend. (Did I mention how busy the weekend suddenly got?) Took the kids to school, but not without making a return trip home for the missing backpack and swimming stuff. Finally get back home just as Simon pulls up, load the car, jump in and squeal.
Miss our intended Sheetz stop. Try to plot my new book. Finally find a Sheetz for breakfast. Finally, finally, finally got here! Whoot!
I am all set up in my room with Metallica blasting on the iPod. Attendees are rolling in left and right so I haven't been able to get much writing done yet. Plus, until about an hour ago, I still had no idea of what I was working on. Now I do and it's going to kick some serious butt.
We'll be heading out to lunch very soon, and then it'll be back here for writing and attendee checking in.
Oh, and did I mention I've been blessed with a seriously sucky cold? Yeah. I feel like absolute hell right now, so I think a nap will be on my afternoon agenda as well.
More later!
Whoot! Retreat!

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