Saturday, May 15, 2010

Retreat! Day Three! Update...

*Our injured duck returned to the nest around lunchtime. She's sore and bruised, but no major damage was done. She recieved copious amounts of tickets and attention, including having lunch brought to her room and she's feeling much better now.
*We give out raffle tickets every year for a chance to win a prize. This year (at dinner tonight) I've instituted a new way to get tickets..."Convince me you deserve them." I think I'll keep it for next year.
*On the writing front, I have made what I think is a good decision and am once again feeling good about things. Excited, even. Things feel right and the weight and fog are gone. Yes!
*Tonight is our annual game. Then a trip to the graveyard for frivolity. Then probably a dance party. And then more work.
The retreat has gone far too fast this year.
More later.


Susan Kelley said...

Saturday night did get here in a hurry. Glad to hear the foggy conditions have improved.

Victoria said...

Thanks, Sue! I hope the conference is going well for you!