Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday Random

Tonight is graduation. I'm heading to the store in a few to stock up on tissue for B and I. We'll both need them. Luckily, today is forecast to be a little cooler than yesterday, so we might not die in the heat of the auditorium like I was told. I guess I should find something appropriate to wear as well.
K2 returned from her camp training late last night. Not only did she park me in this morning, but she made so much noise I'm surprised the entire house didn't wake up. She woke early for graduation practice and had so much to tell me that since she left, my ears are ringing. She's bruised and sore from all of the high adventure training they did, and has no voice. And then she tells me this...
Apparently, for some reason, (and I'm not sure what that reason is, either solidarity among the counselors or because they're all idiots) they each swallow one of those capsules that contains the foam animal (the ones you put in water and watch your little foam creature emerge). Then, when it comes out, they put it in a baggie and take it back to camp, or have someone verify that they did indeed pass it. Sounds gross and somewhat dangerous to me. I can't believe she did it and I'm still mortified!
So, I'm feeling a little melancholy today. My baby girl is moving on (and being gross). Expect a sappy post at some point later. Oh, and tomorrow is the last day of school for the other K's. And B's knee surgery. Summer Survival here we go!

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Joby said...

I wish I was there to help you out!! I'm thinking of you and here if you need to talk. love you!! hugs!!