Monday, June 28, 2010


Man, today went quick.
It's still hot. Very hot. And all of the storms we've been promised have totally skipped us. That's a little disappointing to me because I love a good storm. We're supposed to get one tonight, but so far nothing...
I cannot believe we're almost at the end of June. Heck, we are at the end of June. A few more days and it'll be July. Summer is going fast and I don't feel like it's really started yet. The next thing I know, school will be starting again!
We're on the baby wait. They're at the hospital right now. I'm waiting for the call that says they're keeping her before heading out. If not, then I'll go to bed with my phone clutched tightly in my hands. Things are moving along though and very soon I'll be a grandma. For real. Weird.
And that is all for now.

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