Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Kind of lost track of the days this week. I'm a total bonehead. I should have done Tall Tale Tuesday yesterday and I could have had everyone guess K5's birth stats! What is wrong with me?
I went back and looked at the answers from last week, and Misty came the closest with June 30th and 9lbs 5oz!! Not too far off!
So, today was just...ack! Mostly ack! with some cool thrown in for good measure. So, we'll go with a list:
1. Running late.
2. Kids fighting and nagging each other and being bossy.
3. Still being exhausted.
4. Not getting any writing time in.
5. Missing K2 and her not be able to see her new niece yet.
1. Getting to see K5, even if it was only for a few minutes.
2. The easy, confident way my son cares for his daughter. He is a diaper changing king.
3. Jason Manns!
Tomorrow is busy, too, with camp preparations and another visit to the kids after they settle in at home. (I never, never thought I'd be saying "the kids" in reference to my son and his family, but...there it is...ha!)

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