Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Random

A random list:
1. There are several things I never thought I'd hear my adult son say. For example: Does this nail polish look okay? Does this dress make my butt look too big? Is this purse too gaudy? Do you have a sweater I can borrow? Ha! And yes, I laughed at him when he came home the following morning with the dress around his waist, my sweater on, and his girlie slippers, but no fishnets or red wig. I told him to take a change of clothes because I figured he'd be smart and stay at the party overnight. And, no purse, dang it! I had dibs on his bag. It was sweet.
2. We talked briefly about my job loss when it happened and I've been actively seeking new employment. It's tough out there, and apparently there are a lot of predators stalking the Help Wanted ads. Last week, I spotted a position I was qualified for, applied and went through the initial phone stuff. It was a service. When I found that out I had a sinking feeling in my stomach, but decided I was being paranoid. Ha! I should have listened to that kernel of "don't". I have been getting spammed like crazy, phone calls on the house phone and my cell, and it's quickly getting out of control. This morning I had 22 emails in my inbox. 18 of them were spam. I am not happy. I went back and checked the service's site, and yeah, it's unethical, but basically, just by filling out the application you give them permission to sell your information to third party vendors without having to click on a "tos" button. Great.
3. It's cold in my house. We haven't turned the heat on yet because B has some service work to do to our dinosaur in the basement. That's on the agenda for today. The dinosaur and to hook up the little red fireplace in my dining room which was moved from the living room because the heat funnelled directly up the stairs and did nothing to take the chill away from the first floor. I am currently wearing thick socks, two sweatshirts, fleece pants and a blanket.
4. Teenaged boys can eat! Yes, I already knew this, and I did plan for it, but the quantity of what they consume still has the ability to shock the heck out of me. K3 has his best friend over for a "birthday weekend" sleepover. M arrived Friday night. I made cheesesteaks. Twice as much as usual, and there were very few leftovers. Saturday morning they consumed nearly an entire box of cereal. For lunch, each of them ate a big can of ravioli's. I made 3# of sloppy joe's for dinner and 2 boxes of ranch bacon salad for six people. Not a drop left. Then, 45 minutes later, they were warming up the oven for garlic cheese bread.
5. Today is the last day of October! Holy crap! And yay! Only two more months left of this craptastic year! Now I look ahead to Thanksgiving, which I am hosting this year. (Just don't mention Christmas yet!!) I love hosting Thanksgiving. I'm not sure how many we'll have, but I don't care. The more the merrier. Yes, I have a ton of stuff to do before then, but that's okay.
6. K2 began rock climbing this summer while she was a counselor at camp. She loves it. Now she's teaching beginning climbing at a gym not far from school. Last night she competed in a competition and took 5th place in her category. Not bad for someone who's only been climbing for a few months. I didn't get to go to the competition, but B did and he said it was very impressive.
Okay. That's enough random.
Enjoy Halloween!


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

We haven't really turned our heat on either but not because we need repairs. I'm just being cheap.
Good luck with the job search. It took my daughter-in-law ten months and the job she took didn't compare salary wise to the one she lost.

Victoria said...

It was freezing in here, but now we have our supplemental fireplace hooked up and working. Yay! Lately it's been warmer outside than inside my house!
As much as I hate it, unfortunately, that's the way the job market it right now. I'm hoping something breaks for me soon!