Sunday, October 03, 2010

Stinkbug Violation

I'm traumatized...
Here's what happened:
Went to bed too late. Finally fell asleep and my phone rings. It's K2. She's at the intersection. Her truck stalled and won't restart. Only it takes me at least three minutes to get this information out of her due to her hysteria. Get her home and settled and go back to bed.
Where I dream of a surgeon selling body parts in this department store type building with an elevator and "arms on floor five" kind of deal. Not really scary, but very weird. Wake up as I roll over. Open my eyes and stare out the window. Feel something on my side. I think it's a wrinkle in my shirt, smooth it and then I feel a drop of liquid on my side. I'm not sweating. Reach to touch and feel a stinging sensation.
Oh yeah, you guessed it. There was a stink bug in my freaking shirt and not only did he spray his foulness on me, he BIT ME!
Ick and gross and ouch!
Ran to the bathroom and washed the foul odor from my body and looked at my side. There was an indentation of where I apparently laid on it for a while, and then the bite mark. Took me forever to fall back to sleep (after I killed it twice and then spent several minutes searching the bed with a flashlight and scouring the room for any more of the little jerks!) and when I did I had even weirder dreams.
Yes, I am traumatized. I'm not sure which is worse - the time I think I may have swallowed one, or this, because HE BIT ME!!! I still have a welt!
And that is all for now.


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

No way! They bite! I'll never sleep now. I found one crawling on my bedspread only an hour ago. Why did you have to tell me this?

Victoria said...

I'm sorry! Makes having them around worse, doesn't it?
I'd heard they bit, but didn't really believe it. But now...
*is still traumatized*