Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Happenstance...

So...the dryer we haven't had too long is broken. Let me tell you how frustratingly fantastic that is! I have laundry draped over every available surface. B's working on it, but as of right now, the danged thing is an enigma.
So...the other morning I crawled out of bed and made my way to the facilities. No lights. Not awake enough to get a clue that something might be wrong when I stepped in water. Sat to do my business and discovered that the toilet was so clogged the water was touching my fleshy parts. Gross! I'm not going to go into more details - I think you've had enough of that - but just imagine how awful that was.'s snowing here. And I still love snow. I really do. But it's kind of a nuisance for me at the moment. What I want is a major snowstorm that starts Friday night and doesn't end until Sunday. That would be nice! Very nice!
So...When I got into the shower yesterday morning there were two dead stink bugs in there. This morning there were four. I'm thinking leaving them in there is good. 
So...Speaking of stink bugs. The other night on my way to bed, I flushed four of them in rapid succession. Every time I turned around there was another one. Creepy little buggers.
That's enough. If you can't tell, I'm exhausted. Thursday's are a pretty long and chaotic around here. But tomorrow is Friday!

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