Thursday, January 27, 2011

Strange Thursday

Weird day around here.
First, a car went through a very good friend's house this morning. She and her son are lucky to be alive. The damage to their home and their feelings of lost safety are intense. Yes, the weather was bad, but it's more likely the driver was drunk.
I cannot imagine waking up to find a vehicle just feet away from my bedroom wall. Or how I would feel to see the destroyed crib of my granddaughter under the tires (luckily her granddaughter wasn't there). The bathroom is gone and so is the kitchen. If the driver had hit a few feet over, her son might not have lived.
Second, a bare foot young woman dressed in white was running around inside of B's work this morning. She was dripping wet and obvioulsy under some kind of chemical influence. They found her hiding under one of the desks, begging to go home. When they pulled up the security cameras to figure out how she got inside the building, it went from her not being there in one frame to her being in the center of the warehouse in the next. The system records with a few seconds lag time, but she would have to be bionic to cross the distance in the short amount of time. They did all sorts of experiments this afternoon to see if they could reinact her appearance to no avail. 
One nearly tragic and frightening.
One sad and puzzling.
Both the stuff that makes you scratch your head and wonder why and how.


Ava Quinn said...

Wow, those are very traumatic. I have to admit, living on the road that I do, I have a fear of a car or tractor trailer coming through one of my windows.

And the woman just showing up like that. Bizarre. Sounds like something you'd write! If this were Tall Tale Tuesday, I wouldn't have made out very well with my guesses.

Victoria said...

I get your fear, Ava. We've had drunk drivers hit our vehicles, so what's to stop a car from coming through the house?
The woman was weird. B said her image is distorted in all of the security footage. Everyone is still freaked out about it!