Saturday, January 15, 2011

What I Did Today...

The short and weird list:
1. Trekked about a quarter-mile through the snow to use the bathroom in a cabin full of strangers because I was warned to stay away from the outhouse with the urinal filled (and I mean to the top) with slushy pee.
2. Walked through a store with a ton of good sales without buying a darned thing.
3. Bought socks with skulls on them. (at a different store)
4. Had a fabulous day shopping and having lunch with my baby girl.
5. Slept in, but not long enough to offset the crappy night's sleep.
6. Tried new and different foods.
7. Held a pig's eyeball in my hand.
8. Offered to eat the pigs eyeball if someone ponied up a hundred. No one did. Thank goodness. But, yeah, I would have done it for the money, though I probably would have coated it with hot sauce and just swallowed it.
...And now it's time for Season 2 Supernatural watching and plotting the zombie book...oh, and I get to sleep in again tomorrow...
It's been a good day.


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I don't want to think about the outhouse. Shopping sounds fun even it you don't buy something.

Victoria said...

It was gross. Boys. Go figure...

Ava Quinn said...

Urinal, outhouse, skull and pig's eyeball. You're blog is going to get some weird hits on some searches.

Victoria said...

LOL, Ava! It should be interesting!