Monday, August 29, 2011


Today was the first day of school.
Looked upon with glee by the oldest heathen still attending, and dread by the youngest. The alarm going off hasn't changed for me. I never gave myself a few extra minutes to sleep when school ended, so I still get up at the same time (most days).
This morning they were both up before me. Ready. Excited - even the youngest. The morning went smoothly (I know this too shall pass. Soon.). The next thing I knew it was time for them to arrive home. The first text I got was that the first day of high school went great. I knew it would. He was too ready and missing his friends. I worried about the youngest and her first day of middle school. Then, she called me.
Over the weekend a new family moved in across the street. We noticed they had a daughter that looked about her age. We wanted to go over and introduce ourselves, but they were so busy.
So, then she called me and told me about her new friend in her homeroom and on her bus. The same girl who now lives across the street. She was so excited. She bugged us relentlessly to meet her parents...before we even got home.
We did. And it was good. Our kid has a new friend and it is good. She's excited about school, which is way more than good.
A wonderful first day! And I am pleased!

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