Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Adventures...

This weekend was what is soon to be known as The Annual Scouting Family Adventure.
7 scouting families (or partial families) (or 27 people) went to the beach this weekend. What a freaking blast!
We left Friday morning after a crazed frenzy of packing up 6 people, fishing poles, snacks, paychecks, ect...getting a later start than we wanted. But four families crammed into three vehicles and finally hit the road for our three and a half hour journey to the beach...only the trip took over five hours thanks to weather and traffic. We finally arrived just in time for a major lightning storm that eventually turned into rain. Our site was what they called a "primitive" site. A large open area with a couple of fire rings, a pavilion, flag pole, picnic tables, and a few smaller sites tucked into the trees. The only difference between our site and the "regular" sites was the bathrooms...see below...

This was officially named "The Turdis"....
...and it would have been okay if our "primitive" site if it had just been us. (notice the second Turdis).
The first time I cleaned pee off the seat it was only our group in the site. I came out, washed my hands (thank goodness I insisted we buy hand soap, and yes, we had a water spigot), and told the boys the next time I had to clean pee from the seat someone was going to find the pokey burrs in the grass that killed your feet and then jammed into your fingers while you tried to yank them out in their swimming suits.
Then...two other troops arrived. Big troops with lots and lots of members. I kid you not, every single time I had to go, I cleaned pee off the seat. By today, the things were unusable. Disgusting. Stinky. Filthy. And still no boy had learned how to lift the seat or aim.
Anyway...That was the worst of the trip. We're home now and I'm still catching up (and dealing with my sunburn). More on the trip through the week!

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