Thursday, August 25, 2011


I lost Wednesday!
I thought I had it. I did. I know I watched the new Ghosthunters last night (with much glee, I might add), but I just's Thursday!
This week has been screwy, and I think that might be an understatement...
Engagements, earthquakes, school orientations, boy scout stuff...and the usual daily drudergy...
But it's Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday!
So we'll celebrate with a list...and we'll call it...Thursday Things.
1. It's humid. The rain has turned the air into soup and not a kind of soup I like. After days of not having the air conditioning on in our bedroom, I fired that sucker up the second we walked in the door.
2. Sunburns. Most of mine is better - itchy, peeling, but the worst spot (where I had my leg out the window on the 5 hour drive and then further burnt it at the beach) is still red. It doesn't hurt anymore, but I wonder if the stripe on my leg will always be red? Forever.
3. It's after 9pm and that man I live with is making homemade french fries and chips. I'm not sure exactly why, but they're yummy. (and I'm not complaining!)
4. Dr. Who comes back this weekend. There is much anticipation in my house.
5. There are some really really dumb commercials on television.
That is all for now...I have to get some writing done before my homemade french fry euphoria wears off and I remember how freaking tired I am.

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