Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Like you care, but I'm doing it anyway! Ha!
Which of the following are actual text messages on my phone:

1. hey hey heyhey hey hey heyy imm lve in lile 20 mins Yes. From K2. It's supposed to say: I'm leaving in like 20 minutes.
2. The butter has melted. Nah!
3. HolymotherofGod. Did you... Yes, but the rest of it is not fit for posting.
4. oh hi my name is number 52 Yes. And I do not know.
5. Shoot. Also yes. In relation to me not being able to watch K5 on the day she needed me.
6. G'ma said she wants to go outside topless Nah!
7. mething fun = Yes. And I have no idea what it means!
8. Cake! Also a no.
9. Can i hhaz kitten??? And I said NO!
10. Gummibear chain. K4 took a picture of it to send to K2. It was pretty creepy.
And that is all.
I must write now.

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Ava Quinn said...

Wah! I totally struck out!