Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tall Tale Tuesday

A brief return. Don't hold your breath. I'm sure it's not here to stay. Yet.
Which of the following are actual text messages on my phone:
1. hey hey heyhey hey hey heyy imm lve in lile 20 mins
2. The butter has melted.
3. HolymotherofGod. Did you...
4. oh hi my name is number 52
5. Shoot.
6. G'ma said she wants to go outside topless
7. mething fun =
8. Cake!
9. Can i hhaz kitten???
10. Gummibear chain.
Which ones are actually on my phone right now? Hint: There are some lies in there!

1 comment:

Ava Quinn said...

I truly didn't think there were any lies. I had to do this before I checked the answers above.

OK the lies are #3, 5 and 7.

That's my final answer.