Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Plodding...No, Wait...Plotting

Yes, I still have new book excitement, but I'm at the hard part now. The part where I actually have to figure out the plot.
Characters are easy. Mostly. No, they never talk to me, never wake me up in the middle of the night and demand things of me, or take over my brain and prevent me from living a normal life until I write about them. Maybe that happens to some people, but not me. (Getting caught up in the story is different.) Setting is also relatively easy. Especially if I get to create a new and different world.
I love the "what ifs" and "what about" and I'm slowly getting all of those in place. Did a little brainstorm with the man, and with a friend, and the big picture is starting to form. Right now, it's like a 5-billion piece puzzle with little tiny shapes and most of them are the same. And they're all black. Those pieces will move together and the color will shift and I'll be able to get everything where it belongs.
Soon I will start new writing...after I get the puzzle pieces away from the cat and dig some more out of the couch cushions...


Ava Quinn said...

Lol! Good luck with the plotting. I'm glad you've got that new car smell, I mean new story glow.

Victoria said...

Thanks! I like "new car smell". That works, don't you think? In love with the new car...until someone spills a milkshake in the backseat and it starts to stink...
Sums it well, I think! LOL