Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dear Supernatural People,

(I am sorry this is the first Dear Supernatural People post I've done this season. That's too sad. I'll try to do better, but there's only one more episode before Hellatus...)
Loved it!
Poor Dean. He was so funny all drugged up on turducken nirvana. And so pretty when he was sleeping it off. I still worry about Sam with the way he squeezed his reality button on his hand while he was worrying to Bobby. Guess we'll see about that in another episode. Bobby was fantastic, as usual. I'm not saying anything about the end yet, because I refuse to think about it right now.
Dick...well, he lives up to his name, for sure. He's a fantastic character and the evil is played so well. Interesting that he can heal himself from the power clean stuff that takes the rest of them down. Bobby played it cool, but the little freak out he had on his face when he was looking at the folders on Dick's desk is kind of foreboding.
I loved this episode. So much. Loved them walking through the woods with their guns reminiscing about Bobby teaching them to hunt and how they couldn't shoot Bambi. And that guy - or whatever he was by then - was really creepy.
One more episode before another dry spell...*Sigh*

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