Friday, January 26, 2007

Colder than a...

Holy cow it's cold outside!
23* and with the wind chill it feels like 12*.

This will be mostly ramblings as I don't have anything much to say. (Besides it's cold outside.)

Hey, it's Friday! I want to kick back and relax, but I can't yet. I have to run some errands and I'm dreading that because of how cold it is. What I want to do is change into comfy clothes and curl up on the couch with either my laptop or a book - either writing, research or pleasure reading. I'm leaning toward the last.
I realized the other day that reading for pleasure is something I've pushed to the back of the "to do" list over the past couple of weeks. Don't get me wrong, I've read some great books - but at the same time, I'm checking for errors and consistency because I'm critiquing them for writing friends. There's something very different about curling up on the couch with a book in your hands and shutting the world out for a while. Reading is essential for a writer. The right book will remind me why I work so hard to put my book in someones hands. It'll resolve my commitment to write a story that's hard to put down. A book I'm not fond of will push me the same ways.
I think I've made up my mind.

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