Monday, January 22, 2007

"Typical" Monday

Today was one of those Mondays.
Yeah. One of those.
No snow delay. And I have to admit that kind of bummed me out too. I could have used another hours sleep. K1 lost his car keys and by the time we found them he was late for school. Which threw the rest of my morning off-kilter. K4, despite me asking her not to, decided to "fix her nailpolish". Uhhh...yeah. Red nailpolish. On her face. On both hands. And on her teeth. Don't ask me. By that time, we were late leaving too.
I don't know how I got them to school on time. The rest of the day passed with similar events. And relaxation is nowhere on the horizon.
So, is this the trade off for a little winter weather?

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