Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Random Thought Wednesday

Middle of the week and I don't have many coherent things to say. I'm edting and itching to get back to my wip (work in progress).
American Idol:
I never, ever thought I would watch it. K2 has a great love for the show and we are forced to watch. I'm not a huge fan of reality television and have never watched Survivor. Ever. I feel bad for the people who believe they have a shot and clearly don't. And then I'm appalled when they come out cursing and talking trash about the judges. I know most of it is there just for the entertainment value, but I'm not entertained by watching people's dreams crumble - no matter how horrible they sing. But, K2 and I had a really good conversation last night about following your dreams. That if you believe in yourself enough, how you could take even the most sarcastic and mean comments and use them to make yourself better. It was good. And for that, I love American Idol.
Static electricity:
The cat shows up with fuzzies all over, his fur stuck in directions it doesn't belong. He is not happy. And the shocking has started. Lot's of fun there. Not.
This week:
The older K's have mid-term exams all week. Their schedules are weird. Both kids are in and out of the house at the strangest times. They only have to go for their tests, and then are free to leave. Today, K1 was exempt from mid-terms, but not the double detentions he somehow earned. I expect him to come barrelling in the door anytime now and completely throw my routine off kilter.
That's all I have for now.

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