Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What I Live With...

Yes. That's an albino rat. Her name is Spanky and she's really sweet. Spanky belongs to K2. We've only recently discovered that K2 is probably allergic to Spanky. Every time she holds her, she breaks out in welts. Her tail is a little freaky, but I have no problem with her. At least she's not a scorpion or a spider or a snake.
Of course, we were told she was a white mouse. You see, when we agreed to let K2 adopt Spanky, K2's cat, Angel, had just died a horrific and terrible death. Her class was doing some dietary study on the "mice" and when she brought the paper home for adopting the "mouse", we couldn't say no.
Then we went to pick her up. The first thing B said was, "That's a rat." Yeah. Rat. Not mouse. The dog is afraid of her. The cat indifferent. Most of the time, there's a fight over who gets to hold her.
Our pet population is dwindling some. The hermit crabs have all gone home to their big sandbox in the sky. We've had gerbils who have met untimely ends. (That's a story for another time). Of course, K1 wants a puppy, or a snake, or a spider. K3 wants a kitten. So do K2 and K4. Heck, even B wants a puppy.
And I usually have to be the bad guy and say no.
One day they're going to get to me though and I'm not going to be able to say no. (Except to the spiders and snakes. Not. Ever. Happening.)
What then?

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