Friday, January 05, 2007


At least you're not this guy...Imagine having to carry your head with you everywhere you go.
Okay, so I'm not as funny as I like to believe.
I think I mentioned the mannequin heads before. Maybe not. K2 brought them home after a career workshop at school. They were the focal point of several interesting practical jokes in this house, until K2 and her bestest friend, E, gave them makeovers. I did find one in the freezer after that. It had a mohawk and gave me somewhat of a scare. The darn things are pretty creepy. You try walking into your kids room to find a head perched on top of the dresser. You're trying to restart your heart because you were certain you were alone in the house. And that happened every time I ran across one, no matter how long they'd been here. I found this pic while looking for something interesting to post. I think that's K1 under the hood.
I realized I used the word "weird" two days in a row in my post title....that's stupid.
Anyway, on to the multi-tasking.
That's what I'm doing right now. Working on this blog, a critique and my own stuff, in between taking care of some household items. It's not pretty, but I feel like I'm making progress already this morning. It's still early though...all that could change rather quickly. But I do have an impressive "to do" list today.
Tomorrow is my writer's group meeting. I'm really looking forward to it. I do, however, have to semi-publicly reveal my writing goals for the coming year and though I've thought about them, I haven't quite come up with a plan yet. I met my 2006 goals, which is an awesome feeling.
Happy Friday!

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