Saturday, October 06, 2007


Yes, a rare Saturday post that isn't a video or quiz.
Today was my writer's group chapter meeting. Always a wonderful time. I leave there full of energy and smiles. Today I left as the newly re-elected chapter librarian, which is a pretty cool position since I hold all the books in our small library and they're at my fingertips should the need arise. It is amazing how often I forget that and spend too much time searching for information that's only a few steps away (but have no problem remembering when someone else needs something). Anyway. The meeting was excellent, but small today, due to several members being away at the NJ conference. I wish I could have gone. It's a conference I've never been to due to normally being on vacation this weekend. And I actually got to go to lunch after the meeting, which is a rare thing too.
Anyway. Again.
I had a point when I started this post, but darned if I can remember it. That's what I get for blogging when I should probably already be in bed. The day went too fast and tomorrow will be the same.
That's all I've got.

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