Sunday, July 06, 2008

Into the Wilds

If the posts come up the way they're supposed to, it's Sunday and I've been away since Tuesday night.
Away into the wilds.
Though by now, I'm probably home soaking in a hot tub and have no energy to even contemplate catching up on the electronic world. Which is reason number one for scheduling this post when I don't really have to. Reason two is that the only reason we came home early is because we have stuff to do tonight that we couldn't reschedule.
Through the coming week I'll most likely have pictures and stories of our extended time camping. Especially possibly from Tuesday night when the younger K's and I spent the night alone in the meadow. As I write this, that hasn't happened yet. Sometimes the meadow can be spooky in the middle of the night with no one else around. But, I'll have my puppy and be secure in the camper, but maybe I'll have a good story to tell you about it. Then again, I could fall asleep immediately and sleep the whole night without nary a episode.
I'll let you know soon.
Anyway. As I write this on Tuesday I can only tell you how much I'm looking forward to the very long weekend. It's as close to vacation as we get this year and if we can't go to the beach, the meadow's the next best place.

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