Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Then, The Rain Came

Thursday evening the rain started with a big ole bang. The thunder was so close it rattled the camper and your bones depending on where you were standing. It was crazy rain - coming in from the creek side. Usually when it rains, we're able to stand under the awning and watch, and keep the front camper window open. Not this time.
We had small breaks in between cloud bursts, but not long enough to even contemplate a fire. B and I made soup for dinner, and it turned into a collective pot with additions from my folks and sister. Instead of finishing it over the fire like we'd planned, we ended up dishing it up from the camper.
Anyway. When bedtime rolled around, we thought we were done with the rain. K3 had retired to his tent where it was surprisingly dry. We'd told him he could sleep in the camper if the rain got too bad. I don't think fifteen minutes went by before heavy rain started and he made his way over. I dodged the drops to check out his tent and make sure his sleeping bag was away from the sides and to stow his clothes in the truck. It's no wonder he didn't hang out in his tent, the rain was deafening inside. He was lucky though, the spot he picked was like an island by the time the rain stopped, (which wasn't until the next morning) and his tent stayed dry.
So, no, those aren't orbs in the picture. They're rain drops. I was trying to catch a picture of how the rain was falling on the creek, but my poor old camera isn't capable of that. Apparently.
That's all for now.

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