Monday, July 28, 2008

List of 10 Monday

So, today you're going to get a list of my 10 favorite Supernatural episodes and why they're my favs.
10. Bloody Mary - Season 1 - It's spooky and brings back how you felt when you were younger and talking about stuff like that at sleepovers. Plus, I think this is the episode where I became totally hooked on the show.
9. Hell House - Season 1 - Funny brother stuff, Sam in a towel - 'nuff said.
8. In My Time of Dying - Season 2 - Dad's deal with the demon, Sam trying to communicate with Dean, Dean in scrubs and no shoes - 'nuff said.
7. Playthings - Season 2 - Brotherly interaction, Sam making Dean promise, the dolls, the grandma, and milf.
6. Born Under a Bad Sign - Season 2 - Bobby, Bad Sam - 'nuff said
5. All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1 and Part 2 - Season 2 - Bobby, Dean's angst and "Get me some pie", Sam, the end of the yed, and the beginning of trying to save Dean.
4. Bad Day at Black Rock - Season 3 - Bobby's counsel, Bella, "I lost my shoe", "I'm Batman"
3. Mystery Spot - Season 3 - Love the "groundhog day" theme, the trickster, and how Sam changes.
2. Houses of the Holy - Season 2 - The angel concept.
A tie for number 1...
1. What Is and What Never Should Be - Season 2 - Dean, Dean, Dean. And Dean's vision of a different life. What he sees for his brother and how he doesn't focus on himself.
1. No Rest For the Wicked - Season 3 - The boys singing "Wanted", holy water in the sprinkler system, Bobby, Sam's power, Lillith, Ruby, Dean's pre-go-to-hell sight, poor, poor Dean.
Seriously, if you're not watching it, you should be. I can't say there's really an episode that's not my favorite. They all are, but these are the ones I love the most, with probably a few I've missed. Each episode has a reason to love it.
Almost 7 weeks until Season 4 starts. I can't wait!

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