Thursday, July 03, 2008


Another list:
Ten ways to show love to your mother:
1. Say "What?" every single time she says something. You can do this numerous times because Mom's love to repeat themselves.
2. Then say "Really?" immediately following her repeat.
3. When being asked why you haven't done what your mother asked, say "I didn't hear you."
4. Don't turn off the lights in any room you exit. Make several trips through the house and turn the lights on - even duing the day. Then blink like you're innocent when asked why you didn't turn the lights off. It's a sure sign to show her how much you care.
5. Leave your dishes wherever you are when finishing whatever it is you're eating - bedroom, bathroom, outside - the possibilities are endless. And no matter what she says, your mom loves your dish treasure hunt.
6. Occasionally allow the water in the bathroom/kitchen sink to trickle when you're done washing. Mom's love that.
7. Ask what's for dinner repeatedly regardless of if you've already been given an answer. Ask about the following night while eating the current night's dinner. Don't take "I don't know" for an answer. Because your Mom is only ever thinking of cooking for you.
8. Make frequent trips to check out the contents of the refrigerator and pantry even though nothing is different inside. Ask why there's nothing to eat often. See number 7 - food = love.
9. Argue about taking a bath even though you know you're filthy and stinky. It makes your mom feel important to make sure you're clean.
10. Leave a trail of destruction behind you wherever you go. Snack wrappers, clothing, toys, trash - again, the possibilities are endless. Mom's absolutely love this. It's positive proof you care.
What? Yes. It's a heavy dose of sarcasm. It's how I cope.

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