Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Things

I think this is about the time I decided to quit the year last year and I gotta tell you I'm having the same feelings. This year hasn't been too much better than last and I wholly believe it's time to move on. Or it will be soon. I'm willing to give 2008 another chance to prove me wrong and make me say "this is the best year evar!". It's seriously been one thing after another around here. Again. I still think our last name should be Murphy, and I wonder if we're in some kind of cosmic payback for wrongs we did in another life. Or that we're in some really bad sitcom and don't know it. Seriously. Ha!
Anyway. Yesterday was a pretty darned crappy day for me. Everything I touched turned black and crumbled in my hand. I never made my dental appointment thanks to a backup on the highway, so I still have stitches in my mouth. My morning got derailed when some lady was chasing a three-legged dog around my back yard (no kidding). And a whole bunch of other stuff you don't want to hear about.
But then, Supernatural came on. (No, this is not a post about Supernatural. Though it was a fantastic, absolutely fantastic, episode) After it ended, several of us chatted online about the episode and stuff in general and by the time I signed off, I had a totally different view of the day. As I was laying in bed (trying not to grumble too much about the remote being missing - which drives me nuts, but that's a subject for another post), I realized I need to focus more on the things that make me happy instead of letting the trials of life tromp me into the dirt.
So, here is my happy list for today. The list of things within the past twenty-four hour that make a lot of the crappy stuff fade:
1. My best friend/husband and his weird sense of humor.
2. Pumpkin spice candles.
3. Laughing with friends.
4. Putting new words on the page. (even if sometimes it feels like those words are coming directly out of my coronary artery)
5. Fighting kids - because at least they're here and not out with people I don't approve of.
6. Today's plans and weekend plans.
7. Rain and cool weather.
8. Wireless Internet.
9. A semi-clean house.
10. Goals to keep me focused.
And, of course...
11. Supernatural.
yeah. It's a mostly lame list, but you get the picture. I don't expect it to make a lot of sense to you. Consider it my effort to climb out of the dark pit I've been in before more black mud fills my mouth.
And most of all...


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I think it's a wonderful list, and I think you're smart to do this. The bad will force you to dwell on it no matter what. The good will just be there, waiting, not begging for attention. You'll attract more of it, maybe, if you give it some focus. :)

And you really, really deserve more of it.

Jo said...

I like the list. It's easy to get sucked into the negative vibe that the world and some people put out. It's hard to focus on the positive sometimes, but when you do, all the good things in the world will slap you in the face, in a good way! lol

I'm off to look for the hiden hoo-ha! Love you precious!

Vicky B said...

There's already too much negative going on around us. Putting a positive spin on things gives us all a chance to smile. So thank you. :)


sailorcross said...

I like your list. It's easy to focus on the negatives, but when you turn them around into positives things look a little brighter.

Hang in there!


Victoria said...

Thanks, Nat! :)

Victoria said...

LOL - Did you find the hidden hoo ha!
It is way too easy to get sucked into the negative. Even if you're trying not to!

Victoria said...

You're welcome! I'm glad it was good for someone besides me! :)

Victoria said...

Thanks, Beth. I'm trying. I'm glad everyone liked my list! :)

Ava Quinn said...

Great post Smith. Way to turn it around and take me with you. I needed to see something like that today too. So, thanks!

Victoria said...

Thanks, M3!!
I didn't realize I wasn't the only one fighting the pit! :) I'm glad my post helped! It definitely helped me!
V. :)