Thursday, September 04, 2008


Can't do anything about the spots on the picture, but I think you can still see it okay. That's the camper. I'm not sure what day it was, but judging by the minimal amount of towels hanging on the line, I'm going to guess it was Saturday.
Today I'm waiting.
K2 and I ordered new cell phones. Well, she had to get a new one - hers shuts off while she's texting and since I was eligible to upgrade as well, I said what the heck. The phones were free, the shipping was free, and the only thing we're paying for is one activation fee since they waived one. Pretty sweet. Except I can't really go anywhere until they get here since I have to sign for them. And I need to go to the grocery store. Oh well.
Oh, and look on the sidebar there. You can sign up to follow my blog! You can do it anonymously if you want. Don't leave me with zero followers, I feel pathetic enough!
What else?
2 weeks until new Supernatural! I can't wait. There's a new trailer up. It's so awesome. Season 3 came out on DVD Tuesday. No, I didn't get it yet. It'll probably go on my Christmas list.
I cracked my elbow pretty good last night and now it hurts really bad. I don't notice it too much when I'm typing, but bending it more than the minimal amount I have to bend to type hurts pretty bad. Like I needed that on top of the tooth stuff.
That's all for now.


Anonymous said...

A Coleman!! We have one too and really like it. Did you get a new blog template like Natalie? It looks good no matter what. Season 3!!! Yippee!!! I haven't gotten it yet, but am looking forward to getting my hot little hands on them, I mean it, it! Sorry to hear about the elbow. See you Saturday!

Victoria said...

Hi Mandy!!
We love our camper!
I'm partial to this template so probably won't change for a little while.
LOL on Season 3! I can't wait!
I won't be there Saturday. We have a wedding to go to!! I'll miss you guys!!